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California Weed Tasting

Moe Greens Smoking Lounge

From the website:

Try & Buy Program Where customers can rent the latest and greatest smoke devices to enhance their consumption experience in the lounge. We have a plethora of options for you to enjoy the best possible quality & ease of cannabis consumption. Air Conditioning & HVAC System Our lounge is temperature-controlled with a powerful HVAC system, so the room will never be cloudy from smoke and the smell from the smoke won’t bother you. We take pride in providing consumers with a comfortable & cozy indoor smoking experience. Moe Greens also includes two large “get-together” lounges where free-thinkers, like-minded people and anyone looking to take a moment to fully appreciate good cannabis is welcome to hang out. Check out our cool toys for rent, such as gravity bongs and other innovative smoking devices. Eat, vape, smoke, and focus on wellness and happiness. Our extremely passionate staff is happy to make recommendations based on your expectations and preferences.

For more information, visit https://moegreens.com/lounges/

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